Virginia Fails In Corruption Risk Report, Maryland Ranks Low

State Integrity news for Virginia and Maryland from SII partner WAMU:

A new investigative report finds Maryland and Virginia have high risks of public corruption. The State Integrity Investigation is out today, and both Virginia and Maryland fared poorly -- especially the commonwealth, which earned a failing grade.

With no limit on how much donors can give to candidates, no statewide ethics commission, and an oversight structure filled with loopholes wider than the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia earned an F in the just-released State Integrity Investigation report card. The reviews provide an in-depth report on each state, based on 300 indicators of accountability, transparency, and corruption risk.

Hear the story from WAMU - Washington, D.C.

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Texas Gets a Low Grade in Corruption Prevention

State Integrity News for Texas from SII partner KUT:

None of the states got an A. Five states got B’s, 19 states got C’s,18 got D’s, and eight received failing grades.

Texas got a D-plus, scoring 68 on a scale of 100. That puts this state 27th among the 50 states.

One of the first things you might notice about the Texas report is that the state actually got a B-minus in having a legal framework in place to combat corruption. The problem, says Tom “Smitty” Smith, director of the watchdog group Public Citizen Texas, is that that score plummets when you check how well those laws are implemented.

Hear the story from KUT - Austin.

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New Jersey leads in national survey of sleaze-busting

State Integrity News for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware from SII partner WHYY:

An intensive study of all 50 states' vulnerability to corruption has found New Jersey top in the nation at stemming the tide of political sleaze. Pennsylvania and Delaware made the top half among state rankings, but only a handful of states rated a B or better in the survey. Fully half earned a D or F.

Hear the story from WHYY - Philadelphia.

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Lord help us: 31 states sleazier than Pennsylvania

State Integrity news from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware from Dave Davies at SII Partner WHYY:

I hope you're sitting down when I tell you that New Jersey ranked best in the country at sleaze-prevention. Almost as surprising to me is that Pennsylvania ranked 19th, though it scored only a C-minus (states were not graded on a curve, so the class did poorly as a whole). I thought Delaware would do better than its ranking in the middle of the pack, but read our coverage on the Delaware page, and it will make sense.

Read more from WHYY - Philadelphia.

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Moving past Delaware's history of corruption

State Integrity News from SII partner WHYY:

A longtime watchdog of Delaware corruption says things have improved dramatically over the past decade. But that doesn't mean Delaware has reached the pinnacle for open government and accountability. 

Read more from WHYY - Philadelphia.

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How vulnerable to corruption are DE, NJ & PA?

State Integrity news for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware from SII partner WHYY:

Host TRACEY MATISAK talks with three Delaware Valley journalists who conducted the State Integrity Investigation: CRIS BARRISH, senior reporter for The News Journal of Delaware; COLLEEN O’DEA, an editor-at-large for NJ Spotlight and longtime investigative reporter for the Daily Record of Morris County, New Jersey; and PETER DURANTINE, editor of TheBurg, Harrisburg’s monthly community newspaper, who covered the Pennsylvania capital for 15 years for the Associated Press, Philadelphia Daily News and the York Daily Record.

Hear the discussion from WHYY - Philadelphia.

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Mass. Earns a C on National Corruption Risk Index

State Integrity News from Massachusetts from SII partner WGBH:

Massachusetts history is smeared with episodes of corruption in every generation. In the '60s, bribes to build the Boston Common garage. In the '70s, bribes to build the UMass Boston campus ... and up until today, with three consecutive House speakers convicted of crimes.

But according to the State Integrity study, 40 other states have a greater risk of corruption than Massachusetts. The Bay State's "C" grade ranks close to the top, trailing only nine other states — including first-place finisher New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey, a state with a notorious reputation for corruption ... but one that has responded by passing laws to turn things around.

Hear the story from WGBH - Boston.

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Mass. Receives C Grade In Political Corruption Study

State Integrity news from Massachusetts from SII partner WBUR:

Is Massachusetts more susceptible to corruption than other states? A nationwide survey released Monday tries to answer that question by measuring the risk of corruption in each state.

Despite Massachusetts’ convicted State House leaders and recent high-profile scandals, the state scored relatively well in the State Integrity Investigation, coming in with the 10th highest score.

Hear the story from WBUR - Boston.

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How Well Does Oregon Stack Up In 'Integrity' Investigation?

State Integrity news from Oregon from SII partner Oregon Public Broadcasting:

Oregon's state government has earned it a ranking of 14th in the nation for transparency and accountability, according to a new investigative report. According to this study, that score puts the state at relatively low risk for corruption by most indicators. The Center for Public Integrity and Public Radio International are collaborating with OPB and other stations around the country in an assessment of the 50 states' integrity policies. The project reviews and rates everything from state finances to accessibility and oversight policies. April Baer reports on what the study found in Oregon.

Hear the story from Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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Colorado Ranks High on Survey of Corruption Risk

State Integrity News for Colorado, from SII partner Colorado Public Radio:

Colorado is vulnerable to corruption, according to a new survey from The Center for Public Integrity in Washington, DC. Over the past year, researchers rated all 50 states on more than 300 different measures of government transparency, accountability, and enforcement.  Put together those results, and Colorado scores a dismal D.  Colorado Public Radio is partnering with the Center and in the coming months will look into some of the issues those results uncover.

Hear the story from Colorado Public Radio.

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