How to help

State Integrity Investigation success will be shown by the ability of the invested public, participating media, and civic organizations to bring the data to a critical mass of people and to state legislators. This level of support can be achieved:

  • By reviewing and discussing investigation data.
  • By joining integrity conversations on this site and sharing within your online communities.
  • By conducting and reporting on your own corruption investigation in your state.
  • By emailing corruption risk report cards to policy makers along with a note encouraging policy reform.

We'll keep in touch with you as the investigation unfolds and as new opportunities evolve. Do you or someone you know have a story to share? People in every state are encouraged to contact us to contribute personal stories of experiences with state government offices on the your state pages or to write a post on your perspective of how corruption affects communities for our blog.

You can also help by:

  • Reviewing, sharing, and by completing the form to email your state corruption risk report card to your legislators starting March 19.
  • Showing your support with a "Like" for our Facebook page and by following @StateIntegrity on Twitter.
  • Joining the discussion by giving feedback and leaving comments on your state pages and on the investigation categories pages of this site.
  • Contacting us to send leads for news stories or information related to the risk of corruption in your state government.
  • Signing up to receive updates. We’ll keep you informed as the corruption news and news of reform across all states unfolds.

We appreciate your help in sourcing and gathering unique stories of personal experiences with honesty (or otherwise) in state government. Additionally, we’re asking media organizations to share information regarding the State Integrity Investigation, to contact us to participate, and to discuss and link their communities to this site for more information.

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