What would make state judicial accountability policies most effective?

Although states select their judges in various ways -- some are elected; some are appointed -- members of the judiciary are expected to live up to standards of ethics and accountability, remain free from political or financial influence, and issue decisions transparently. 

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Form of Assurance

At times, Trial Court Judges do not show executive management skills; Separate Signed Judges Orders exist requesting all Mitigating & Aggravating Statements. However, what's missing is a, "Form Of Assurance" that is signed off by Original Complaining Jurisdiction, stating those documents have been returned to the Court. i.e. the Signed Judge's Order are ignored by the Municipality for both Mitigating & Aggravating Statements. (This lack of a Model is aggravated by the Prosecuting Attorney that possess poor Supervisory skills to enforce that the Original Complaining Jurisdiction has complied with and returned all mitigating & aggravating statements to the Court.

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Is there a way to see the states rank just on judicial accountability?

Is there a way to see the states rank just on judicial accountability?

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Judicial Corruption

A petition for impeachment for a judge was sent to the State Legislator. His reply he has no clue why the Judges are unaccountable and what to do about it. A Judge and an Attorney committed perjury on court documents and the SD Supreme Court does not want to hear about it. Nor does the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Judges are unaccountable and above the law. Also a federal investigator phone call on id theft that has been going on for 12 years with the courts help.She should be prosecuted but the US Attorney General may not bother as it is not a huge amount only a couple thousand dollars and a few different social security numbers.


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Institute Citizen Report Cards, Oversight & Narrow Immunity

The common citizen won't take the time to file a formal complaint for a judge's misconduct, abuse of power or refusal to follow the law, but parties in a lawsuit would take the time to complete a survey of their experience with the judge and the attorneys in the case.  Compiling information in a database would certainly provide a citizen oversight committee with a pattern of abuse and misconduct by both judges and attorneys.  This would be a good starting point. 

I also agree with NFOJA that we must not continue to allow the judicial oversight and discipline to be solely the responsibility of a peer group.  We must eliminate protection of corrupt officials through peer coverup.

Judicial immunity and quasi-judicial immunity must be narrowed.  Judges and officers of the Court should not be allowed to break the law by broadening their power under the color of law, and then be out of reach from discipline or accountability.  

Lastly, attorneys should not have to be worried about judicial retribution when they agressively advocate for their client's interests.  Judicial impartiality should extend to all parties at all times. If not, the client is the loser yet again.   

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re: The Federal Judge Problem when BHO & crew gets the matter transferred to a VA federal court


re: The Federal Judge Problem when BHO & crew gets the matter transferred to a VA federal court

The answer to that problem is in the sign pictured below.  The cascade of evens arising from this sign reaches the federal courts in VA.

This courthouse sign and similar signs at every court house in VA I have seen is conclusive evidence that the VA Judges perpetrate Va18.2-481(5) statutory Treason against the VFOIA.  Under the statutory presumptions applied to every officer of the VA court  ( that being every Lawyer, Judge, Justice and Federal Judge in Virginia) EACH and EVERY one of them has knowingly and willingly perpetrated VA18.2-482 "Misprision of Treason" with the only defense available being an argument that their professional incompetence evidences reasonable doubt that they had criminal intent.  In that Gov. McDonnell is asked to offer pardon upon penitent surrender and parole oath no VA lawyer or VA judge can afford not to take the option of being honorably bound by parole oath.  

This restoration of the VA Judicial branches honor begins a gentle cascade of 'Constitutional Reset' to every branch of government and every corporation.  The government induced business risk and excess business expence in Virginia will be radically yet rationally reduce causing Virginia's prosperity to increase much faster than other states that have not initiated their own 'Constitutional Reset'. 

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More complete investigations into Judicial complaints by common citizens.

Complaints against Judges and lawyers should be invesigated by upstanding and honest citizens who have a grasp of common sense.  They cannot be from the Justice system itself.  Could be retired professionals looking for a way to serve the public and clean up the unethical behvior that everyone knows is rampant in the American legal system.   You cannot have people of the same profession investigating each other, wait a minute yes you could if there was common sense and integrity involved.  Not near enough integrity and honesty among lawyers and Judges to keep each other honest.  

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Enact our proposed "Citizen Panels on Judicial Misconduct Act"

Any judicial reform strategy that doesn't involve meaningful citizen oversight is more a reshuffling of power than judicial reform. National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA) is a legislative initiative to vest randomly selected, trained, and rotating panels of private citizens with responsibility for state judicial disciplinary processes.  I am a NFOJA Co-Administrator.

NFOJA launched in 2009 and has grown to approximately 1400 members, spread among three (3) online networks with the main network at http://50states.ning.com               

Rather than judicial misconduct or public corruption, NFOJA focuses on restoring the balance of power between America’s judiciary and its sovereign citizens.  Yet it recognizes and advocates the need to encourage, protect, and help vindicate judges and lawyers who expose judicial misconduct and corruption. 

NFOJA strives to get past debates on judicial integrity with workable solutions to help ensure America’s judiciary is unbiased, remains faithful to the Constitution, and follows the rule of law.

So far I've responded below to:

  • one reader's indication that enactment of NFOJA's proposed legislation is impractical given the level of corruption in her state;
  • questions about NFOJA that I couldn't fully answer on the "Dallas Observer Blog", probably due to word limitations;
  • a discouraged NFOJA members who indicates our proposed legislation is "a great idea", but it cannot "supersede public corruption and high crime in government"; 
  • an understandable, but misguided tendency to equate judicial reform with "complaining" about judges;
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Texas, all the Judicial Corruption money can buy.

They are everywhere and they are all just as guilty--they know it is going on and do nothing about it.. In my case after my ex wife passed away the good and honorable judge gave our daughter away to a man that assaulted her and was charged with abuse/neglect of this very child and another one by cps -All of this under "best Interest" as i live in a different state--I have no criminal or police record and have never felt the need to beat up a woman to show my manhood. Now the same judge has suspended my visitation for contempt of court-Who would not have contempt for these people, most of them belong in jail- What happened to "Due Process", Parental Rights or Civil Rights ?-Your honor indeed --i find them Repugnant and an insult to our Nation and Family values--If judges break the law they should go to jail just like anybody else.--When you want to see a judicial cesspool check out the family courts in San Antonio Texas.
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Fixing our legal system.

People need to be taught about their rights and how to use them.  I can name two cases of pure judicial corruption in Oregon.  Check out www.nikeexposed.org and www.justiceforqadira.org.  The judges have to much power and the judicial oversight is a joke.  There are currently several judges in Oregon who are covering up the abuse and neglect of my daighter as a favor to Rex Burkholder.  It is a crime to cover up a crime!  There is no appealing these crimes to the Judicial Board or the Oregon State Bar or and State, Local, or Federal officials.  I have tried everything to get help for my daughter.  Our monetary system makes justice impossible because the judges just do their jobs to keep their jobs, they don't bother to apply the law.  There word is like the word of God because they have judicial immunity.  We need to expose corrupt judges to the people, we need to teach all people about the legal process, and we need to Occupy our courts to make sure there is a public presence in every courtroom in America!

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