What would make legislative accountability policies most effective?

State legislators -- who often work part-time and hold outside positions -- typically are prohibited by law from using their official positions to further their own personal interests. Ineffective enforcement of these laws can create an environment where conflicts of interest and closed-door political deals are more common.

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See your state's Corruption Risk Report Card.


State Senators should only be allowed to serve 8 years!!!!

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For recommendations, see my survey of the 99 state legislatures

I surveyed the legislative transparency of 125 legislatures, including the 99 state legislatures (Nebraska has a unicameral legislature), 2 houses of Congress, and 25 largest metro area city councils.  The paper, published in the Journal of Information Technology & Politics, is "The Dismal Politics of Legislative Transparency."

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Forecloser & Eviction

With All the Fraudulent Activitys that has been found & Proven through the Banks,Homeowners were still forced out of their Homes by this Criminal Activitys.There should have been a cease on ALL Foreclosers & Eviction.But instead the Activity was still allowed to go on through OUR Justice system and PEOPLE lost their Homes to it.Where is the Justice for these Homeowners that were Victums of Banks Fraudulent Activitys ? These Banks should have been SHUT DOWN at once when the Activitys were brought to the attention of OUR Elected Officials.

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