Corruption Risk Report Card
Rank among 50 states: 43rd

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The story behind the score

North Dakota’s “folksy” approach to government means lax campaign finance laws, no state ethics commission, and a failing grade on the State Integrity Index. Read more from SII State Reporter Teri Finneman.

Latest state news for North Dakota

Lawmakers in North Dakota have introduced a package of ethics reform bills that would revamp the state’s oversight of its politicians. Dubbed the Sunshine Act, the bills would create an ethics commission to investigate state officials and would tighten campaign finance reporting rules, among other changes.

Rep. Corey Mock, a Democrat, has been pushing for ethics reform unsuccessfully since entering office in 2009. But last year, Mock seized on the state’s poor showing in the State Integrity Investigation, which gave North Dakota an overall grade of F, and announced he would introduce several bills once the legislature reconvened, saying that he hoped the report would improve the chances of passing such initiatives.  "The CPI study was an eye-opener," Mock told The Huffington Post in August.

State Integrity news for North Dakota from Prairie Public Radio:

A new report says most state governments are doing a poor job delivering transparency and accountability, with statehouses being ripe for corruption and self-dealing. How does North Dakota rank? We’ll reveal that answer when we visit with project manager Caitlin Ginley.

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